RockSmart; The Smarter Way to Rock!


RockSmart is the latest and one of the most innovative products to be released by Norix Furniture. Norix is always on the cutting edge of contemporary design while also blending form and function.

The RockSmart chair gets its superior durability from it’s one-piece rotationally molded polyform construction. The best part? You do not have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in exchange for a highly durable and robust chair. rocksmart_desgin

The RockSmart chair was designed to fill a gap in the healthcare furnishings market. While the chair itself is a piece of art, it is functional piece of art. The chair was designed from the ground up to provide soothing comfort and a calming effect while providing a safe and comfortable rock. All of these features combine to make a perfect option for dealing with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

It has long been known that children or adults with ASD can find it hard to concentrate or remain still for periods of time. This is often due to the fact that people who suffer from ASD also suffer from a dysfunctional sensory system.  This means that one or more of their senses are either over or under reactive to stimulation. The movement of the RockSmart chair provides the perfect sensory experience for the individual by combrocksmart_brochureining movement with calming colors.

Thanks to the fact that the RockSmart chair is all one-piece there is no assembly required which also means there are no pieces to break off or break apart. The chair is also heavy enough (50 lbs) that it will not move across the floor with the motion of the rocking. It is also extremely easy to clean, and will leave no scuff marks on your floors thanks to the nylon runners securely affixed to the bottom of the chair.

The RockSmart is one of Norix’s Smartest seating options and SWS Group is proud to offer this chair immediately to our customers! For more information or to see the full product specifications please visit Norix’s Site

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Luther College High School: A Case Study

: Luther College High School

PROJECT LOCATION: University of Regina, Luther College

PROJECT SIZE: Student Common Areas

BUILDING TYPE: High School Campus

PROJECT TEAM: SWS Group, Luther College Staff and Students

PRODUCT LIST: Hondo Nuevo Seating

Description of Facility:

Luther College was founded in 1913. Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, the College consists of a High School Campus and a post-secondary Campus at the University of Regina. The High School Campus has fully renovated science laboratories and extensively upgraded on-campus dormitory facilities. Luther College provides students and faculty with an educational and scholarly environment in which they can develop the intellectual tools that will enrich their personal lives and enhance their service to others.

Project Goals & Philosophy

  • Furnishing goals:

Luther College was looking for durable seating solutions for their High School Campus. The goal, when choosing a seating option, was to find a product that would withstand intensive use by the students, who can be ‘less-than-gentle’ with the Campus furniture.

  • Aesthetic Goals:

The School was looking for seating options that had a “fresh look”; furniture that would withstand intensive daily use without looking ‘institutional’. The desired furniture needed to be casual with some personality, and also had to fit into the schools overall décor.

  • Functional Goals

The School needed to find seating options that would be easy to clean. The seating also had to be designed in such a way that would allow for building staff to attend to day-to-day floor and cleaning maintenance.

  • Safety Goals:

The School needed the furniture to be able to stand up to zealous and intensive use by the students day-in and day-out. The common area seating had to be structurally robust, while also remaining stationary.

Selection Process:

In the summer of 2014 the Administrator for Luther College High School was in the process of re-developing their student common areas. The school was looking for seating options that were unique, durable, attractive, and also appealing to the students. Over the course of a few discussions, SWS Group was able to help Luther College discover what their specific furnishing needs were and then recommend the best product to suit those specific needs. The final product recommendation was Hondo Nuevo Seating; which the Administrator was very impressed with.

The last and final stage of the selection process was to get the students involved and gather their input. The students of Luther College High School put together a hand-sketched drawing of their common and sent that to SWS Group along with their “wish-list” of Hondo Nuevo products that they wanted to see in their common areas. SWS Group took that drawing and rendered it into an AutoCAD drawing, to scale.

The Result:

SWS Group worked with the staff and students of Luther College High School to ensure that everyone’s specific needs were met during the selection process. By involving the students in the process, and taking their requests to heart, we sealed the deal. Luther College High School ended up selecting several dozen pieces of Hondo Nuevo Seating (in their School colors) to furnish their newly renovated common areas. The students now change the configuration of the seating to suit their day-to-day needs.

Luther2            Luther3

                         Before                                                                 After





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